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Head Wind

TriMadMan45by TriMadMan45Feb 22nd 2012
Having posted ealrier about lighter nights I deceided to cycle to work today. Dragging myself out of bed I heard the wind and rain hammer my window and thought 'You must be crazy!' i was quickly told this again when my daughter realised I was going to cycle to work the 16 miles each way in heavy rain and a 'slight wind'. The journey was great with the tail wind pushing me to go faster while my head was telling me to slow down as there were some massive puddles and a lot of standing water. I rode along the A8 in Edinburgh on the footpath for safety and then eventually got to the Forth Road Bridge. Half expecting it to be closed to cycles I was relieved when it was open and set of at 20mph to the crest of the bridge before hitting 30mph as I can off at the northern end - not ideal with the number of puddles in this area and iron works in the footpath. Its 3 hours before I tackle the same journey in reverse and I am not looking forward to the ehad winds on the way home. THe rain appears to be away but my clothes are still drying out so it may be better if it actually rains and then I will be wet for real rather than damp clothes. Lets hope the bridge is open and I can get home in time to pick my daugher up tonight.
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