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Outlaw 2012 Training Started 5th Dec 2010!!

If Santa did presents.............

TriMadMan45by TriMadMan45Dec 27th 2011
Along with the many packs of chocolates and vouchers, Santa also brought me a pair of Saucony Hattori. Having tried them out at a local store I had dropped Santa a few hints into what I would like this year. Well the old boy came through and left a brand new size 10 under my tree! With my son connected to his Ipod, my daughter playing Moshlings on the PC and the wife sitting lookig through her gifts I quickly changed into my running gear and set off at 7:30 on Xmas morning for a wee run in the new shoes. Having planned to do 3 miles and get back I ended up doing 5.5miles felling great in the new 'barefoot' shoes. Well to say that my calfs were tight when I got home is an understatement. Still a tad sore today, but with the help of the other gift that Santa had left at my mums - a pair of calf guards as worn by Ms Wellington - they seem to be easing now and may head out for a short 4 miles round the block - old trainers this time as I think I need to get used to barefoot running and give my calfs a rest for this week. Lets hope for some dry weather and maybe get a cycle this week while off work. Old colleague fancies 30miles on the bike so may take him up on it provided he doesnt mind me drafting him - cant do it at Outlaw but doesnt stop me doing it when I can!!!. Lets hope for some nice weather and settled calfs before the New Year.
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