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Outlaw 2012 Training Started 5th Dec 2010!!

Ist Medal of the Season

TriMadMan45by TriMadMan45Mar 6th 2012
Not a top three medal but a medal none the less. Having had the added pressure of my coach saying he would beat me I was racing him and myself. Having warmed up with him then set off at the same time my strategy was to keep him in my sights and hopefully make a sprint for it across the finish line. As we crested the hill at 3/4 mile I pushed on and built up a few metres lead - based on his hill rep training I put into practice what I had been practicing. Thinking he would catch me up soon I kept going but he didnĀ't catch up until after the next downhill section. At the bottom of the first big climb - 400m long 16% hill I shortened my stride lent forward and kept it smooth - again based on his hill rep training, I managed to open up a bit of a gap and to be honest never looked back. With more up and down hills and a few level bits I kept the pace up and managed a time of 61minutes 30 seconds according to my Garmin for the 9.88 (10mile) race. I had finished a minute and a half in front of my coach and many of my previous running buddies at a previous club. With the adrenaline pumping and the thought of the after race buffet I forgot to stretch and get my post-race milkshake. Legs are still a bit tender today so the cycle home and 3km swim tonight will be 'fun'. CanĀ't wait until next club session to rub in my victory - even if it was only over my coach. The race results have not been published yet but hopeful of Top 20 and certainly a PB with nearly 4 minutes taken off last years time. Bring on 2012 I am ready.
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