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Outlaw 2012 Training Started 5th Dec 2010!!

Lighter Nights Means Longer Runs

TriMadMan45by TriMadMan45Feb 16th 2012
With the lighter nights now settling back in I decided to do the 16mile run home last night. After what can only be described as a shocking day at work I enthusiastically got changed into my running gear and set off. After about 30m my head said 'What are you doing you need to get home ASAP get your feet up and crack open a tin of beer and forget about your day'. With no other mode of transport other than my legs as a way of getting home I continued. As the ran progressed my mood got worse and really started to question 'What are you doing?' Because of Outlaw in July I used this as a great training run to keep running while everything was stacked against me - hopefully Outlaw will not need as much digging deep as it was well into the 10th mile before I got the smile back on my face again. Getting home in just under 1hour 50minutes for the 16 miles I was well happy with the pace and after a double chocolate milkshake and a long hot bath I had more protein in the form of an omelette and then settled in to watch the TV. Expecting sore legs this morning I jumped out of bed with no pain and set off to work again. Will take today as a rest day before cycling to and from work tomorrow and then an early club run on Saturday morning in the hills - letĀ's hope the weather stays dry and the temperatures donĀ't drop too far below zero for the 7am start.
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