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Outlaw 2012 Training Started 5th Dec 2010!!

Post Holidays Blues ....Are a Good Thing!

TriMadMan45by TriMadMan45Jan 4th 2012
When the alarm went off this morning - well not as much as go off but a quiet untuned hiss - after the holiday break I was in no mood for work. A morning down and with a run at lunch under the belt I feel like I could take on the world again. Having spent so much time training over the holidays and enjoying the rest and longer sleeps I was not sure how I would fit back into normal life, however, I feel inspired to continue training and have my eyes firmly set on Outlaw and some shorter events on the lead up to the 1st July at 6:00am. I need to get the bike / turbo set up at lunchtime at work to get the miles on the tyres adding up but I am sure it will work even if I have to do 45 minutes at work and 'continue' when I get home.

Heres to 2012 and a new adventure towards my Iron Wings and hopefully some PB's on the route.
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