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Recover like the Brownlees

TriMadMan45by TriMadMan45Dec 15th 2011
Having just completed a session on the turbo trainer last night with the usual jelly legs and in a knee deep pool of sweat on the kitchen floor I was set for my post recovery drink - I enjoy strawberry milkshake for the carbs and protein while the 'strawberry mix' counts as 1 of my 5 a day. At about the time I was opening the fridge a friend arrived with two cases of a new recovery drink which is being promoted by the Brownlees which she had been given to try from her work. I though my usual recovery drink or a product that will get me onto the podium and challenging for a place at London 2012? The drink went down well and certainly helped my legs over night enough to enjoy a quick HIT session of indoor sprints - the office staff have not moved in yet so no arguments but there will be fireworks in January when they move into our training area - their new IT office. Heading to the pool tonight but not for a swim rather a few games of pool and a pizza with some old mates - extra training tomorrow to burn the excess calories but when your training for IM I suppose anything goes.
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