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Swim Roll

TriMadMan45by TriMadMan45Jan 11th 2012
No this is not about eating a roll while swimming as we all know that just doesnt work as the bread gets too soggy. While at a trainingg last night with a couple of club members we did a few drills. In one of them we did the 'fin drill' where you put the float between your legs and pretend to be Jaws and touch the float to introduce more of a body roll. It was noted that my style compared differently from the others as I was rolling my hips and lower body more than they were. We then discussed which was correct but to no avail. I went home to read Be Iron Fit and Total Immersion to see what they said about it but neither seem to really comform or deny which is correct. Any thoughts anyone as I dont want to be wasting any extra energy than required?
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