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Training to Eat!

TriMadMan45by TriMadMan45Dec 21st 2011
With the volume and intensity of training increasing the body and mind feel great except one thing - how to eat the amount of energy required to sustain it. I have always had a healthy appettite and constantly eat at my desk during the day. With more miles means more food and there dont seem to be enough hours on the day. The morning porridge and juice keep me going for a bit then a flapjack or some oatcakes and fruit before lunch. Follwoing a run at lunch there is then an hours eating to fit in to refuel and recover and be set for the evenings swim or turbo session. I shouldnt complain as most people eat more at this time of the year but I am sticking to fruit and other carbs to get the 'healthy option'. At least when January hits I will be in good shape having burnt off all the excess calories while others will be thinking of a gym session or taking up sport again for three weeks until they get bored again. Have to stop typing now I have a wheelbarrow full of food to consume.
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