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Where is my runners high?

TriMadMan45by TriMadMan45Jan 10th 2012
Having set out at 5:45am this morning to get in a Z2 45min run before the family awoke I was feeling good but after a mile my runners high had not kicked in. I pushed on but to no avail - it did not kick in. To add injury to insult (yes I know the wrong way around but wait) I got a shooting pain in my left knee. Having had this once before - and not stopped making it worse - I did the right thing and stopped immediately. It was a slow walk home with no pain but hopefully I will live to run another day. My programme does not call for another run until Friday so hopefully the rest and the compression support will help and I can start slowly running again. Swim and cycle sessions for the next few days including a transition set but will pass on this until the knee feels better. Maybe my body knew there was to be an injury and therefore did not start the runners high I normally get. Lets hope that after the pain goes the runners high will come back in full strength.
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