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New to TriBlogs!

TriathlonTomby TriathlonTomJan 22nd 2013
Hello all,
Just joined TriBlogs and i think this site could really help me try and pursue my dream of becoming a well known triathlete. I will hopefully be placing all of my results ect on here so keep an eye out!

I am a sixteen year old triathlete with a couple of triathlon wins, a few age group wins and 3 time trial championships (cycling) under my belt.

I am currently looking for sponsorship or teams that could help me with my triathlon dream. Any help or offers please get in touch!
twiggyby member: twiggy, Jan 26th 2013 15:43
Hello TriathlonTom.
Good luck with acheiving your goals. Where abouts in the country do you race?
cedwardsby member: cedwards, Jan 29th 2013 16:04
Good Luck!
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