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Jules Richards
Jules Richards


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Parade of Nations
Triharder78by Triharder78 Oct 18th 2012
Time truly is flying out here, i can't believe that it's Friday already! Race day is a shade under 72hrs away. I feel that I've acclimatised well, I've checked out the run course (flat and fast) and the bike course, first half is undulating and tech...
It begins...
Triharder78by Triharder78 Oct 15th 2012
So, this is it then, travelling to the other side of the world for the biggest race of my life! Feels a little strange to be travelling for 30hrs for a 1 hr race but I can't wait to experience the whole thing. The journey started with an emotiona...
The time in nigh
Triharder78by Triharder78 Oct 7th 2012
Ok, it's been AGES since I last wrote, I know it's a rubbish excuse but I've been mentally busy. Not only getting my head round a new job (which is stressful enough in itself) but trying to fit in family time (hugely important to me) and also get tra...
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