Jules Richards
Jules Richards

It begins...

Triharder78by Triharder78Oct 15th 2012
So, this is it then, travelling to the other side of the world for the biggest race of my life! Feels a little strange to be travelling for 30hrs for a 1 hr race but I can't wait to experience the whole thing.

The journey started with an emotional farewell to my partner Zoë and daughter Nyah. This will be the longest I've ever spent away from them since Nyah was born 2 years ago. Dressed in my GB kit, struggling to hold back tears as I walked down the platform laden with kit and bike box a random man shouts good luck to me which makes me smile and it marks the start of the adventure beautifully.

The whole travelling to London and boarding the aeroplane goes without a hitch, e erroneous is very smiley and enquiring what I'm doing with the massive green box that I'm dragging around with me. When I explain the common reply is to do the country proud, which is when it hits me properly for the first time that I'm actually representing my country in a sporting capacity. Something that, if you had asked any of my friends a few years ago, was about as an unlikely a prospect as ever there was one. It's something that I'm hugely proud to be doing and hope that I will do all those well wishers proud.

The other great thing was seeing all the other age groupers wondering around the airport, it felt like some kind of secret club, quiet acknowledgments, a slight nod of the head.

So, this leads me to here, sat in the business lounge of China Southern airlines at Gaungzhou airport enjoying complementary water/coffee until it flows out of my ears, waiting for my connecting flight to Auckland. I'm still struggling to believe I'm in China let alone that in a further 12 or so hours I'll be on the exact opposite side of the world to where I'm used to being!
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