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Jules Richards
Jules Richards

Let the games begin

Triharder78by Triharder78Oct 20th 2012
So, with less than 24 hours to go until race time the weather has turned extremely windy and pouring with rain, makes me really quite nervous about my wheel choice but there's not a great deal I can do about it now, I'm just going to have to make the best of bad situation and ensure my run is the fastest it's ever been!

Yesterday I spent the whole day in central Auckland watching the U23 races and the elite women showing the world how it should be done. The weather was stunning, blue skies, light winds and not too warm, ideal conditions for the tough course.

The first race off was the women's U23, it was awesome to see the elites race, also being able to get so close to the course was an amazing experience. After watching Non Stanford take the title I met up with my team mate Chris to watch the elite women's race. We found a cafe and watched most of the race sat next to the corse having lunch, very pleasant indeed!

After lunch we headed for the Sky Tower (had to do sone touristy stuff while I'm here!), its the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere and the views from the top were stunning. As I was in GB kit I had a lot of people wishing me well and asking about the race. There's a lot of interest in it which is fantastic, you get the feeling Auckland is pretty sport mad, everywhere you go there are people running or cycling. As it turned out you could see a large amount of the course from the top of the tower so Chris and I watched some of the U23 men's race from around 150m up!

Now the races have started I'm starting to get really nervous about race day, I realise there's nothing more I can do but I even get butterflies when I'm doing a local race so I feel like I've got a family of golden eagles flapping about in there on the lead up to this one!

Off to watch the elite men's race today a d I've got to rack my bike, although with the weather the way it is I'm not sure sitting around in the cold and wet is a particularly good idea the day before a world championship race!
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