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Jules Richards
Jules Richards

The time in nigh

Triharder78by Triharder78Oct 7th 2012
Ok, it's been AGES since I last wrote, I know it's a rubbish excuse but I've been mentally busy. Not only getting my head round a new job (which is stressful enough in itself) but trying to fit in family time (hugely important to me) and also get training in to allow me to give the best possible performance in Auckland has left me shattered. Normally meaning that by the time Sunday evening rolls around the last thing I want to do is write a blog post (especially as i would have spent the last 3 hours on my laptop planning lessons for the week).

So, what's different this week? Well I've actually managed to get a whole week ahead of myself in the planning stakes, had a good lie in yesterday and haven't trained for a couple of days. All this means I've got just about enough energy to put finger to key and tap out a few megre words.

This time next week I shall be sitting in the departure lounge at heathrow airports terminal 4, waiting to board the 2225 to
China and then onto Auckland. I can't believe it's come round so fast.

Since my last post, I have completed my last race in this hemisphere this season, a sprint at Langport. It was an excellently organised race, however they couldn't organise the weather which was blimin awful! In spite of this I managed 2nd place overall which is my first senior podium place. All the parts of the race felt good, my run in particular, posting the second fastest run of the day!

Also it was my last race of the south west series championship which meant I put in a good percentage result to close off the season, I've found out today it was enough for me to win the series for the second year running. All this has given me a massive confidence boost heading off.

I haven't had the time to log all my training but looking back over the last few weeks I've had a good level of consistency and all my times and pace have been going in the right direction. I'm not putting any solid predictions out there in case I look like a fool but I feel confident I'll put in a good performance (for my standards!)

So all that remains is to put together a good couple of weeks taper training, not over do it not catch any colds and survive a 30hr flight with China Southern!

I might even managed to post something whilst whiling away the hours in the airport!
muz89by member: muz89, Oct 8th 2012 07:25
go Jules go! Well done on winning the SW champs - such a great confidence boost for sure! Hope you get some rest before you go - sounds like you are flat out - I don't know how you manage to balance everything - I find it hard enough with just me and Nick let alone a whole family!! A few tips anyway - you will probably know and be doing them anyway but can't help myself! Lots of vitamins and keep well away from people who are ill - keep a tube of anti-bac with you at all times - and apply often to your own hands - it keeps everyone elses germs at bay! Also be kind to your body when you get to Auckland, allow time for rest and adjustment - its easy to get carried away and do a bit too much training for your body while it adjusts to the new time zone etc - speaking from experience from my race in vegas on this one!! (ill the whole time i was there..) Enjoy it though - you've worked hard and deserve to be there!!:)
justalby member: justal, Oct 10th 2012 15:13
Nice one Jules... I'll see you out there. All being well my fight arrives in Auckland at 12:45pm on Thursday 18th which will be followed by some manic registration and collection of athletes passes etc. in time for the opening ceremony, parade of nations and past party that evening.

Only wish I could say my preparation has been going as well as yours!

TriBlogsby member: TriBlogs, Oct 10th 2012 19:42
Good luck to you both, look forward to hearing about your results!
by guest: Jr, Oct 13th 2012 07:21
Many thanks for all your kind words. This week I've not really managed to train much and I've picked up a bit of a cold. Plenty of vitamins and rest is the course of action now leading up to race day. Al, see you there!
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