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Begin with the end in mind...again

WeeManby WeeManMar 19th 2013
It's been a while since my last post. I left off on this blog at the end of September as I headed into the off season and you may be forgiven for thinking I had stayed off. Thankfully I haven't. Far from it in fact...

I did as I said I would do and put my feet up, spent some quality time doing things I don't normally get time to do and got some of my injury niggles sorted. But that wasn't all. I enrolled onto a British Triathlon level 2 coaching course which I am due to complete (successfully I hope) at the end of the month. This is my bit in helping to 'inspire a generation' as I previously mentioned. I hope I can put the qualification to good use with my local club. The course has actually taught me loads - not just about coaching but about training that will help me too so it's an all round great investment of time and money.

I also applied for a place on the Team GB age group squad for the ITU World Long Distance Triathlon Championships in France in June and I was delighted to be accepted. This has pretty much shaped my 2013 season - ITU LD in June and then Las Vegas in September with some Olympic distance races in between to develop some top end sharpness. The race in France will be fun and an honour to pull on a Team GB kit but it's not my 'A' race. That is Las Vegas which I qualified for by winning my age group at Ireland 70.3 last year.

Which brings me to the title of this post. I thought it apt to repeat what I said in my first post on Triblogs because that's always where I start my season - with the end in mind. My end this year is Vegas and all roads lead there. I'm structuring my racing and training (and even family holidays) for that. It's always good to have a long term and shorter term goals. I have both this year. What's yours?
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