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Home from home

WeeManby WeeManAug 25th 2012
So we've made it to our first stop on the west coast of Ireland. It was a long but easy journey travelling across from Holyhead to Dublin. I have to say that Ireland is beautiful, and I can't wait to get out on the rolling roads for a few hours tomorrow. Our holiday cottage is amazing. I knew when we booked it that a 5 bedroom place for 7 people would be big but I didn't quite expect it to be this big and with so much land. The dog is loving the freedom of running around right outside our back door. With our own private driveway and front gate it's almost my dream place.
Anyway I'm not here just to enjoy the view although that will of course help. There's serious business to be taken care of next Sunday at Ireland 70.3 in Galway. This coming week is about relaxing and making sure that I recover from the hard season while getting in enough quality sessions to keep me sharp. I'll definitely be enjoying the beautiful countryside although that will be more so when we're out walking the dog than when I've got my head down on the bike.
The local paper here said something about there being an e-coli outbreak near the race beach although also reports the race is not affected. I'm hoping it doesn't turn into a duathlon but we'll see what happens. Not heard anything officially from Ironman yet though which I hope is good news.
Home from home
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