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Time trials for fun

WeeManby WeeManAug 19th 2012
Today was the last 'race' I'll do before I race Ireland 70.3 in two weeks time. It was a 25 mile time trial cut short to just over 20 miles due to roadworks on the course. All I can say is 'Thank God for the road works!" Not sure if it was the long ride yesterday or just general fatigue that's built up over recent weeks and months of training and racing but today my legs just were not in it.

I've found time trials are a great way to improve my bike legs. Going way harder than I would in a tri because I know I don't have to run afterwards is quite a novelty. Time trials are also very addictive! I did some 'Hardriders' events at the start of the season before I did any tri races. These are basically the sort of courses many triathlons use with rolling terrain. I was amazed at the speed the top guys ride them though - especially when a good tri benchmark is to come back with a 20mph average! Recently I've ridden flatter and faster courses aiming to get real speed in return for real pain which will hopefully make me stronger in the bike leg in Ireland. Before today I rode three 25 mile rides over 8 weeks and saw my times come down massively from 59:47 to 56:49 to 54:56. I think I'm now hooked!

So now it's a few easy days with a massage thrown in and then 10 days of taper training to get me to Ireland in one piece.
Bishmanby member: Bishman, Aug 20th 2012 11:58
I've really come to enjoy time trialling after watching Wiggo and Froome in tdf and the Olympics this year, though I've not done any over 10 miles yet. I like the feeling of just getting tucked up and staying there while grinding away with your legs. Best of luck in Ireland, I've not been there but heard Galway is a stunning part of the country so don't spend all your time tucked up on the bike - have a look around as well!
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