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Wez's tri blog
a weekly summary of whats been going on training and racing for the 2010 season.

First tri of the season

WezJones1by WezJones1Apr 19th 2010
Been a while since the last blog.

The training had been going relatively well and completed a 71 mile sportif in March near Burgess Hill north of Brighton. A pretty decent ride with a couple of tough climbs (one was 20% gradient). Unfortunately a couple of punctures and a wrong turn led to a rubbish time and plenty of banter from the lads.

The following week I came down with a cold / virus / man flu and so eased right of the training for two weeks.

So I wasn't expecting much from the first tri of the season (Winchester Fast Twitch Triathlon).

Didn't really feel the best on the bike and run but was really chuffed with 20th overall (out of 300 plus) and 4th in my age group. 8 places better than last year. Also my bike split was quicker but last year was windy. The run was a slightly different course so couldn't really compare but looking at the splits it was my strongest discipline. Looking at the results I have realised that my transitions are crap. Reckon I could easily get 30 secs improvement here (thats at least 2 positions).

Next up is the Hampshire Hilly Hundred Sportif in May and the Rivington 100 in June. Hopefully get a few more tris in as well.

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