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How many blokes does it take to fix a chain?

WezJones1by WezJones1Jan 17th 2010
How many blokes does it take to fix a chain?
The snow has nearly melted but we still got out on the MTBs today.

Did the Forest of Bere loop (15 miles). It was pretty boggy with the snow melt and heavy rain but was really good fun. Looks like a few of us are entering the Tuffman (off road duathlon) in Feb so it should be good training.

The ride was eventful with two snapped chains, two punctures, gear problems and a pedal falling off. Luckily there are a few mechanics in the group.

I managed 8.5 hrs of training this week which wasn't as much as I hoped but got some good sessions in.
orangecannonby member: orangecannon, Jan 31st 2010 20:41
i find the answer = 0, as I still can't use a chain tool, (its only been 10 years...)
instead I bike in shoes I can run in...

Last time my chain broke, i had biked out 45 mins, ran / pushed back for 1.15 .
I think I was using northface shoes witha viabrim sole - no ideas which ones though.
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