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Portsdown Hills

WezJones1by WezJones1Dec 16th 2009
Portsdown Hills
Got the pass signed from the doris so was able to get out on the saturday with the boys for a 2 hour hill session.

This involves riding up and down Portsdown Hill (just north of Portsmouth) 9 times in total. They aren't really long climbs (60-80m of height gain) but some are pretty steep (14%).

It is a cracking work out though and we do start out with the best intentions to keep the pace reasonable but everyone has their own favourite hill. Mr Simmons as usual put himself on the line. A true champion!!! Should clear up in his 60 year male category this year...

Not a bad week of training for me managing to get a few spins and a long ride in as well on my day off. Had to visit the Stephan torture chamber yeserday for some physio as my calves are getting really tight and this can effect my achilles.

Roll on Crimbo. Taking the bike and trail shoes up north so hoping to get some good rides in and some fell running with the old man (assuming pass gets signed)
RichGby member: RichG, Dec 16th 2009 09:13
Used to Live in Portsmouth so I know and love the Portsdown hill climbs - my favourite was the longer one that comes up from bedhampton, but the short one on the back road that goes up from the Southwick roundabout was also good fun. If someone beats you to the junction you can always sprint away from them past the forts and claim the roundabout at the top is the real "summit"
WezJones1by blog author: WezJones1, Dec 16th 2009 11:18
Plus there is a tea stop there as well!
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