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Wez's tri blog
a weekly summary of whats been going on training and racing for the 2010 season.

The Navigator is back

WezJones1by WezJones1Jan 31st 2010
The Navigator is back
Had the best week of training this year and managed to do a smidge over 9 hours.

Managing to get out at lunchtime at work on the bike and doing a 52 minute loop which gets 5 hills in at the edge of the South Downs.

Went out this morning on a MTB in the Forest of Bere. Minus 4 degrees when we set out. Good to see Chris back. Naturally we got lost. Things never change there then!

The lads have signed up for the Hampshire Hilly Hundred in May and looking at doing the Rivington 100 in June (it looks like at beast and will be good to get some proper northern hills in!).

Easy week before the Tuffman on Saturday.

See you there if you are doing it.
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