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Thr road to the Pyrenees starts now

WezJones1by WezJones1Dec 6th 2009
Thr road to the Pyrenees starts now
The lads (from Fareham) have realised it is less than 8 months until we tackle the Pyrenean Traverse (with Pyrenees Multisport) and the real training has started.

There is now also a global shortage in carbon as people begin to shed them vital ounzes to help them glide up the various mountain passes.

I'll try and keep everyone posted with various piccys. We plan to do a few 100 milers to get ready for the big week.

This morning was terrible howling winds and rain. Spinning it was and we did the 220 Chrissie Wellington special. 1 hr 30 mins in total.

Thanks Jan for the bacon butties.

AndyBby member: AndyB, Dec 7th 2009 08:55
Hey Wez

Great to see you all gather in a friends garage for turbo sessions too! Glad to hear you are excited about your Pyrenean Traverse. Have you been to the Pyrenees before? The whole area is truly stunning, you'll love it.

WezJones1by blog author: WezJones1, Dec 7th 2009 09:29
Went last October with the lads (to Multisport Pyrenees) and rode some of the big cols. Unfortunately didn't get to the top of the Tourmalet as there was 3 inches of snow. We had to stop at La Mongie.

Bring it on this year (with a few more cols tagged on!)
AndyBby member: AndyB, Dec 8th 2009 11:19
It took me three attempts and three years to get to the top of the Tourmalet. The first two attempts from (one from each side) we were stopped about 1-2Km from the top although some of our group carried their bikes up anyway (they were really keen to be the first up!). This year when we finally managed to get to the top and the fog was so thick you couldn't see a thing. Still loved every minute of it and going back for more in May.
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