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So, I am a swimmer turned triathlete!

Swimming is obviously ok, biking not too bad but needs some strength work, running is my kryptonite!

First Post

Wilkoby WilkoDec 31st 2008
OK folks, an attempt at my fist blog entry. I am sure there will be plenty of rants, stresses and the like but I think this will be a useful record to refer back to in the future.

Like I said above, my background is swimming and I thought to myself last year I was getting a little chubby and lathargic. I needed vigorous exercise back in my life and endorphines floating round the blood stream.

So, with great trepdiation I started to go back swimming at the local pool on Thursday evenings in around June 2008, then added Saturday mornings, then Sunday mornings, then I started running to the swimming pool....and so it begins!

The first few sessions I went to were relatively easy so were a great way to break back in, although coming back to swimming was the stimulus I needed to sort out my stroke. I used to take for granted how fit I was and my stroke was a pile of pants - you come back to it with significantly less fitness and a much heavier mass to pull through the water you notice how bad your stroke is. I joined a session on a Tuesday evening run by a fella who trains himself for Tri - main set of 10x200 off 3 mins almost killed me, but perseverance is key.

I rejoined the local swimming club after being away with work and holiday for a lot of the summer and this was great to get some structured training in. I bought a bike, and started to run more. I found my swimmers' knees suffered and plenty of visits to a physio seems to have resolved that original issue - you will be hearing more over the coming posts about my knee however. I think a drop-kerb had it's wicked way with my left knee on a 5km time-trial in early Jan.

My weaknesses are clear, floppy swimmers ankles and bow-legged-ness (adding to issues with already tight hamstrings) means that my running is poor - quickest 5km time is only 22:09 (including a transition, time is from a local Aquathlon) - but this is down from 22:48 in early Jan - about 6 weeks between each. I think mainly from getting used to running, and slight gain in fitness. The goal for 2009 in this respect is to get below 20 min for a standalone 5km.

My bike leg is ok - as long as the course is flat! I am able to trot along on rolling countryside at a fairly decent speed for a good amount of time. I need more strength in the legs so it will be hills, hills and more hills on the bike. Hopefully this will also transfer to some gains on the run. I was taken up a hill near Dursley, got a short way up, my legs stopped and did not even have enough strength to unclip the pedal - needless to say I made a complete arse of myself and fell off a stationary bike.

I have entered a few events already, results summarised below:

Feb 2009 - Tewkesbury Aquathlon 2 - 400m/5km - 27m 14s
Jan 2009 - Tewkesbury Aquathlon 1 - 400m/5km - 28m 07s
Dec 2008 - Thornbury Fun Run - 4m - 30m 04s
Nov 2008 - Chilly Duathlon - 2m/10m/2m - 1h 00m 36s

So I suppose there is not much more to say, but I need to get training.

P.S. Training diary starts from early September 2008.
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