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Wilko's Blog
So, I am a swimmer turned triathlete!

Swimming is obviously ok, biking not too bad but needs some strength work, running is my kryptonite!

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Wilkoby WilkoApr 13th 2009
The weekend was awesome!

The weather was almost perfect, caught up with old friends and made some new ones too. Got some cycling in around the lake district on Good Friday. There was some running in there too for the activities over the weekend. A game involving collecting cabbages was some good hill training/sprint work.

It was a struggle to get up this morning at 5am to catch the 6am train to London. Yesterday's drive home was hard work. It was around 6 hours to get from near Windermere to Bristol, but was not as bad as it could have been on the motorways.

This week in London will help with gettting some run time in and some good spinning classes. One of the instructors is evil and turns your bike resistance up if he thinks you are not working hard enough.....
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