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Wilko's Blog
Wilko's Blog
So, I am a swimmer turned triathlete!

Swimming is obviously ok, biking not too bad but needs some strength work, running is my kryptonite!


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Post of the Week
Wilkoby Wilko May 9th 2010
With less than two weeks to go to the Edinburgh Marathon, and everytime I run seeming to have ridiculously tight lower legs. I think I have isolated it to where I think the problem lies. Trouble is, when I run it seems to transfer to the front of my...
Post of the Week
Wilkoby Wilko Aug 24th 2009
I have been a bit naughty this week and not done my core work out. I had some good runs though, which has made up for it. A particularly nice run on Saturday with housemate, 10k course along the Wirral coast....
Post of the Week
Wilkoby Wilko Aug 17th 2009
For various reasons, I won't be able to cycle as much as I would like over the coming months. I have therefore decided to improve my running and my general experience of running by targeting the Edinburgh Marathon next year. I have found some tra...
Post of the week
Wilkoby Wilko May 4th 2009
A week of only running this week, found a nice route up to Tower Bridge and back, which makes for a nice distance of just over 5 miles. Plan for this week is to use the same route a few times and I am heading back into Bristol on Thursday night fo...
Post of the week
Wilkoby Wilko Apr 27th 2009
Yet again, due to travel commitments for work, only a short week for training. It is a good job I am not planning on doing an Iron Man! It is going to be a run focussed week this week. I am staying in London all week so there will plenty of oppo...
Nearly Ready
Wilkoby Wilko Apr 9th 2009
I am packing at the moment, I really should continue to be honest! I am off to the Lake District for the weekend, so thought it would be a great opportunity to take the bike and do some hills. I have eventually managed to get the gears sorted on ...
Wilkoby Wilko Mar 18th 2009
Well, my planned run sessions this week have already started going down the pan! St. Paddy's day yestderday and we went out after dinner. It turned out to be one of those evenings that turned into a mini-session, so rolling in at 1am (on a school...
Post of the Week
Wilkoby Wilko Mar 16th 2009
It has been a challenge this week to get the hours in. Treadmills bore me to death, but unfortunately that is the only option here. I am working in Turkey at the moment and I am not sure it is particularly well advised to go running out and about a...
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