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Wilko's Blog
So, I am a swimmer turned triathlete!

Swimming is obviously ok, biking not too bad but needs some strength work, running is my kryptonite!

First Weekly Post

Wilkoby WilkoFeb 23rd 2009
Well, this is the first of what I aim to be a weekly post.

It has been a quiet week for training, work commitments have got in the way a little - been travelling back and forth to London.

I had a good ride on Saturday, doing a round or hills. Finished off with a 16% incline so may try the killer hill in Dursley again next week...

This week should be better for training, with the Chilly Duathlon next sunday. I am aiming to get under the hour this time, probably 55 mins is a good target. Hopefully the wind won't be so bad this time. November was definately chilly with sleat and driving rain.

The other events I have planned so far:

Tewkesbury Aquathlon (Race 4)
VOTWO Long Swim Series (Race 1, 3 & 4)
Hardwicke Tri
Blenheim Tri

Should be a great year.
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