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So, I am a swimmer turned triathlete!

Swimming is obviously ok, biking not too bad but needs some strength work, running is my kryptonite!

Next Tri Target Time

Wilkoby WilkoJun 9th 2009
OK, so a learning experience from Blenheim.....

My splits from the timing system are:

Swim (750m) 11:23
T1 4:03
Bike (19.7km) 27:17 (2 laps, second lap half with punture)
T2 1:37
Run (5.2km) 24:25

Total time: 1:08:43 (DQ'd for short bike, 2 of 3 laps)

So, looking at this the swim time was encouraging. I took it easy and followed the fella in front of me to a top 10 swim time. T1 and T2 are respectable, and fairly happy with my run performance although I feel I could have probably gone a little quicker after the event.

So, the bike leg! On the first leg I think my average speed was around 20mph, maybe slightly quicker. So I have used this as a guide for the rest of the bike leg which would give me a time of 36:56. I would predict a time of 1:18:24, which would have been within my total target time, however, as you can see my swim and run times are slower than I was hoping for - I obviously underestimated the speed I could whip off a wetsuit! Transition time was significantly less than I predicted.

The time I have come up with would have put me fairly high up the board, which is encouraging - in the top 60 or so.

I have already purchased a tube of tyre gunk to take on races, and invested in a CO2 canister pump - I will also check out my tyres and see if they need some tape on the inside to help with punture protection.

So, for the next tri, set to be Hardwicke Triathlon, I would hope to achieve a time of 1:10:00 overall given the flatter course.
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