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The Road to Iron Man
My name is Adam, 23, training for my first iron man.

From Intra Mural to Iron Man

adamnewellby adamnewellAug 5th 2013
I was your typical university student. I played numerous sports most days and went down the gym a few times a week. I was active, but not focused on any particular goals. My last act as a student was to captain an 11 a side team to the Intra Mural final where we lost on penalties. I thought I could pursue a team sporting career post university by playing football for a local team in Bristol. A freak injury left me with double cartilage tear in my right knee and advised I would never play sport or run comfortably again. At 22, I was 17 stone and had my favourite past times taken from me. I could've wallowed in my unfortunate luck, or I could use this as motivation. I decided to take up triathlons, with the view of jogging the last leg. I thought, why stop there, why not aim for the toughest challenge in the world. It was at Christmas 2012 that I decided to train for Iron Man Wales 2014. The only thing standing in my way was 2 stone excess weight, inability to run, never rode a bike before or swam open water. But with the help of 3 close friends, I had a nutrional plan devised by Chris Carter, Iron Man Guidance from Akhil Viz and a training partner in Nick Marsh. 8 months in, I have shifted 1.5 stone, learnt to ride a bike and praticed swimming in open water. I am due an operation to correct one of the cartilage injuries in September and then the real training can start.
My story may not inspire millions or even make my local newspaper, but it will hopefully show that as one door shuts, a whole new world opens up.
martinkilbby member: martinkilb, Aug 6th 2013 22:58
Good on you! Good luck with the challenge, remember to enjoy the training.
twiggyby member: twiggy, Aug 10th 2013 09:33
Good on you! Tri is full of people who have suffered injury in previous sports. I can't run because of knee issues too, but it doesn't stop me enjoying tri and joining in when i'm able - maybe not at iron distance though!
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