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Training for Ironman Austria
Training for Ironman Austria
Follow my training program through the next 16 weeks up to Ironman Austria in July 2010

Day 1 of 16 week Program

adeby adeMar 15th 2010
Well here we go...... Today is the first day of my amended 16 week program for Ironman Austria.

I am looking forward to the next 16 weeks as I feel that I am finally in the right frame of mind to hit the training hard. I've been ticking over up until now which I'm pleased with but it is time to knuckle down and get going!

To ease myself into the next 16 weeks, I just did a swim session today.

I managed 25 x 100m coming in at 1:45mins, which for me is a good set.

I'm hoping that as I get more and more into my swimming that this will come down, but only time will tell.

Swim total = 2750m
Noelby member: Noel, Jan 30th 2010 19:21
Hi ade hope training going well. Where did you get your plan?
adeby blog author: ade, Mar 17th 2010 18:29
Hi Noel

Only just noticed your post.... I got it from a friend. If you're still interested in looking at it then contact me on All the best

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