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Training for Ironman Austria
Training for Ironman Austria
Follow my training program through the next 16 weeks up to Ironman Austria in July 2010

Week 1 - Day 2

adeby adeMar 16th 2010
Into day 2 I'm still feeling good (so I should after only having completed one day so far!!

Day 2 started off with another swim session this morning:

300m warmup drills (one arm, catchup and pull buoy)
500m then 5 x 25m fast.
400m then 4 x 25m fast.
300m then 3 x 25m fast.
200m then 2 x 25m fast.

250m warm down. (total for the day 2250m)

I was lucky today as the sun was shining, which has been a first for this year so far.

I had a 1hr run which after a warmup consisted of 6x6min hardout runs with 2 mins recovery.

I certainly felt them and it was a shock to the system.

Total run = 7.16miles
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