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Alex Woodhead Tries Tri

Plans for 2010

alexwoodheadby alexwoodheadJan 15th 2010
I am currently awaiting some nice "Look Sprint" pedals to arrive this morning, so thought I would update this blog.

Ok so finally managed to get a pic up from the bike leg of my first Tri so I no longer have that lovely blank question mark picture for my profile as well.

I haven't been on here in ages, and I think that it is about time I got some tri plans sorted for 2010. I had looked at the London Olympic distance which looks really cool, but unfortunately the dates don't work...

I volunteer on a youth camp for two weeks in the summer, and that finishes the day before the London Tri, and based on the fact that the camps are basically sleep deprivation torture with 6 hours or less per night for 2 weeks (I still love it though!!), I think that it wouldn't be wise to plunge myself in to the thames estuary the follwing morning!

I would love to do a standard distance triathlon with preferably closed roads (there were a few hairy moments approaching roundabouts the first one I did...) this year, but unfortunately I am in my final year of Uni, and work is stacking up at the moment, so I am thinking that realistically, it isn't going to be until september that I can do one.

Any Suggestions? I am in the Nottingham/Leeds (graduate Job depending) Area.

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