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Newbury Sprint Triathlon - My First One!

alexwoodheadby alexwoodheadSep 6th 2009
Newbury Sprint Triathlon - My First One!
Wow, so I have got in to Triathlon's. This all started when my boss suggested that I might like to enter in to the race, as he had, and it would be good to train together.

Not a lot of training actually happened in the end, but we had been going for 12 mile bike rides about 3 times a week for half of the year (I am on a years work experience in Newbury, Berkshire, UK), so I at least was re-assured that I would get through it.

Overall, I surprised myself, as I thought that my distict lack of running training would let me down big time.

Ok, I didn't break any records... but I managed to keep running throughout the run (ok it might have appeared more of a shuffle).

The cycle, was a breeze, and overtook about 15 people (most of them on one fairly large incline).
A lot of people were newbies like myself, and some had mountain bikes which is an obvious disadvantage...

I think I was most dissapointed with the swim, first part of the race nerves got me, and I completely took it easy. I had no idea what I would feel like later on in the race, so did breast stroke for all of the swim (I hear those sniggers....I know).

At the end of the day, with training I know I will smash my now PB of 1hr 22min and 33sec (sprint), which shouldn't prove difficult at all.

I am a right fatty as well, need to shed a few pounds (ok, about a stone), so I hope this new obsession will lead to that happening and fun along the way too! (after all - the gym is so boring if there is no purpose other than weight loss.)

What a great little training tool this is. Free as well!

Alex Woodhead.
gocolettegoby member: gocolettego, Sep 19th 2009 18:35
great job! keep it up...the sport is addictive. I also find that having the goal of an event to complete makes exercise so much more fun and's a lot better than counting down the minutes on the stair master! Look forward to hearing more about your progress!!
swoodelby member: swoodel, Jan 7th 2010 00:14
Woodface :)

Nice to see you on here!!
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