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I'm Amy Fawcett, 14 years old. I compete in the south east region for triathlon. I'm not that great and I have never been to the inter regional championships, but this is my blog! :P

Dropped out of the last Chiltern cross country league :(

amzieby amzieFeb 13th 2012
Saturday was the last Cross country league match, in wing. It was freezing, and as I came down the hill, I twisted my ankle. Tried to continue running up the hill but couldn't run fast, and then fell over coming back down the hill. Bit of a depressing race.

Oh well, Next time I won't twist my ankle! :D
Dropped out of the last Chiltern cross country league :(
sarahleonardby member: sarahleonard, Mar 5th 2012 21:47
I've had races like that before... managed to spike myself in the hand with my cross country spike somehow and then fell over down a hill in the same race. Sometimes they go like that but then another day everything will go to plan. Good luck!
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