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Andy's Tri-Blog
Welcome to my training blog. As you'll see I'm no elite athlete however I've set myself the goal of completing next years London Triathlon and intend to give it a good shot.

Steady Progress

andyjjonesby andyjjonesFeb 24th 2010
After a bit of a slow start I've concentrated on general fitness the last few weeks. I'll probably give it another week then actually sit down and work out a tri-specific program.

Diet isn't too bad and I've managed to bring my weight below 14st 10.

On the gear front I now have a cycle helmet that fits so I'll be able to get some miles in.
Flu, Flu and more Flu!!!
andyjjonesby andyjjones Jan 25th 2010
The last 5 - 6 weeks have been an utter disaster :) The cold I have now surfaced the Sunday before Christmas, however it didn't really kick-in till New Years Day. Despite thinking I've broken this cold on numerous occasions it kept coming back like a...
andyjjonesby andyjjones Nov 21st 2009
I was speaking to a work colleague about my goal (completing next years London Triathlon) when I realised how big a challenge I had taken on. 2009 has been a non-event due to persistent injury, the mindset that I had at the beginning of the year was ...
A steady run
andyjjonesby andyjjones Nov 15th 2009
Did a steady 5k run this morning, I can assure you nothing gets the publics attention more then a runner with double knee support! They look at you as if your the Bionic Man. The insoles are going to take alot of getting used to, as there designed...
In the the begining.....
andyjjonesby andyjjones Nov 13th 2009
Well after a rather frustrating injury plagued summer I've had to seek the advice of experts (the final straw being last months DNF in the Cardiff Half Marathon). After seeing a Physiotherapist and then a Podiatrist it has been decided that the ...
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