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Welcome to my training blog. As you'll see I'm no elite athlete however I've set myself the goal of completing next years London Triathlon and intend to give it a good shot.


andyjjonesby andyjjonesNov 21st 2009
I was speaking to a work colleague about my goal (completing next years London Triathlon) when I realised how big a challenge I had taken on. 2009 has been a non-event due to persistent injury, the mindset that I had at the beginning of the year was that I was 'reasonably fit' and everything was a 'piece of cake'. Yet this statement has no validity, after all what have I done this year? And how many times have I run in the last 4 months!

I wasn't panicked but it did make me think that I am going to have to be more structured in my approach (reason for joining Tri-blogs) and more single minded about the challenge I've set.

The facts:

* I've never done a Triathlon.
* My body (knees) just cant cope with anything over a 10k.
*I've not even been in a swimming pool for the last 5 years.
*Training in the gym means that I have bulked up but also means I'm probably a stone overweight (15st 6) to complete a full Triathlon comfortably.
* My Bike is in its box.
* My diet is shambolic.

Having made an honest appraisal of the situation I now feel that I can say (with some confidence) that I am not 'reasonably fit' and that I am playing a game of catch-up.

I just need to add that I am 'the glass is half-full' kinda guy, even if I fail there will still be a smile on my face.
graifarby member: graifar, Nov 26th 2009 09:19
Don't panic!
I think you should just go out there and run and swim a couple of times a week and have a good bike ride on the weekend, with no rush and no strenuous targets.
In a couple of months you will check where you are and you decide then what to plan and where you want to go from there!

Easy :)

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