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What the people need

bisceeezyby bisceeezyJan 23rd 2010
Don't you feel it growin',
Day by day
Gettin' ready for the news
Some are happy,
Some are sad
Wo, we got to let the music play
Wo, oh yeah
What the people need
Is a way to make 'em smile
It ain't so hard to do if you know how
Gotta get a message
Get it on through
Oh now mama's goin' to after awhile
Wo, oh, oh, listen to the music
Wo, oh, oh, listen to the music
Wo, oh, oh, listen to the music
All the time.

The Doobie Brothers, no less. 'Doobie Brothers'; how many boozey nights around the table do you think it took them to come up with that? "What does our music Doobie-doobie-doo to people?"
"Ah, Doobie DO... yeeees...... lord only knows."


All the time.

I've got to agree. I think my spirit is subtly dented at the moment. Inury is rife - I don't seem to bend to well in the cold therefore am inclined to what I can only articulate as 'splinter'; Everything feels rather brittle. It's not all that pretty and I'm by no account the most patient poppet to sit back with my ice pack and labour with rehab routines... I blame not owning a freezer; I have a scapegoat.

But the biggest losses, I've come to contemplate, are those moments of pure motion picture soundtrack. Music makes the world go round - fact. And since I've been out of running daps (incidently only three weeks; Jonny Impatience Jones) I've not have the fire of Adam's Ants or Jefferson's Starship; Dread's Little British Zone or Florence and her marvellous flying Machine to stride me down the hill, bound me up the steps or twist me round a tree... (images of Julie Andrews duly noted)

I know music can be taken or left by some; down right ditched by others (for training purposes of course). But to me it's majestic. And I hadn't identified this spiritual void until this morning, chatting to my neighbour 'over the garden fence' (punctuated as such due to the fact we actually live on top of each other and therefore foster no ambiguity in our boundary markings).

I shared a love for running this morning; a love for fresh air, for the outside and for lucid liberation. Of course we talked injury, we talked races and we talked fancy [compression] pants. But the music remark was the one that stayed with me. More to the point, the fact it was posed as a question. As a result I could answer this with the utter joy and momentary irrational amazement that we had something so personal, in common. The point being that Music has the farthest cultural reach of anything I can bring to mind (including Man Utd, Macdonalds and the penchant for means to move quickly), why was i so surprised that we both liked to run with it as our very own Rocky soundtrack? Show me a fight that ever started over music (other than one John Lennon probably inadvertently stirred). Music is massive, yet at the same time so very intimate. It's so massive that I just don't get it... but I love it and I want it... because its mine.

Sing me a song piano man; set about with Prince and the musical Revolution. You need this in your life.

All the time.
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