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4 days

boomclarenby boomclarenAug 4th 2010
Well I've been away for a bit, a self imposed internet ban with exams looming, but results are out and now only one more batch of exams in 4 months then (fingers crossed) a few months of preparation for practice and I'm a Dr...and this time next year I'll be starting on the wards, what a horribly terrifying but exciting thought.

anyway, during exams biking took a bit of a backseat, couldn't really justify taking 3 hours out of the day with the wonders of microbiology to read, running has been great and swimming is adequate, which is all i can expect it to be really, so in the week since exams i've done as much biking as possible (which still isn't that much). lost a couple of days visiting my idiot friend (i'm allowed to be mean because he's going to be fine) crashed his new motorbike into a wall and spent a worrying few days in a coma, but he's making progress.

outlaw iron-distance this sunday, first iron distance and not the best prep, all was going well and on track til exams (anyone else hear the excuse train coming...choo-choo) but i'm nervous and excited, in my head i keep doing the calculations of what i can realistically acheive.

1. swim time has consistently been around the 1 hour 20 mark, so race day nerves will either make it quicker or slower (for realism sake we'll say slower) so prediction around 1 hour 30

2. bike. i'll be annoyed if i don't go under 7 hours, the course is described as "rolling" which could be either end of the "rolling" spectrum...brutal or nice.
so for the sake of being realistic lets say 7 hours

3. run depending on how i'm feeling i think a sub 4 hour marathon will be very do-able, it's my strongest and i've been doing lots of it, about 3 months ago i was hoping for a 3:30 marathon but that may be a little out of my reach. so lets say 4 hours.

excluding transitions that gives me a time of 12:30, which wouldn't be so bad. hopefully with good conditions i can get the bike down to 6 hours. but it is my first triathlon of this length, so getting round within the cut-off will be an achievement in my eyes.

Went for a 100mile ride yesterday up from bristol to monmouth then into the forest of dean, i discovered my new favourite road (the A466 from chepstow to monmouth) and new least favourite road...the A48 from cinderford to chepstow. good god you would think an A road would not take the most convoluted and hilly route along what is essentially a river but it did, wasn't helped by the solid headwind and rain i was cycling into...the first 60 miles of the ride were lovely, couple of steep hills, nice long descents, not hot, no rain...the final 40 were horrid, the rain and wind gods hated me and to bring my grumpiness to new levels as i rolled through tockington a tiny lapse in concentration lead to a nice slide/crash/ damage except to my bottle cage and my ego. made me think how lucky i was though, could easily have injured something before sunday essentially ruining 12 months of training. so i'm wrapping myself up in cotton wool for the next 4 days.

anyway wish me luck and happy training.
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