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Back from France

boomclarenby boomclarenAug 25th 2009
Just arrived this morning from 2 weeks in france.

cycle tour started in st. malo to mont-st-michel, in land to loads of different places then 500km later ended up in le havre, awesome time and my legs feel like girders after lugging all that stuff up hill after hill (the mountains of normandy, which are strictly speaking more like large hills).

one of the days i came up with a new sport which is (i think anyway) the future (tongue in cheek here) of ironman you will no doubt realise i'm joking about that last comment, but i did do this and it was fun, and painful, so here's the format:

Half-ironman distances roughly:

swim ~ 1.2 mile , in the sea off houlgate (Normandy coast, obviously doesn't have to be there, pick your swimming area of choice) probably less than 1.2 mile if i'm being honest, more of a guess-timate

T1: take down tent (rest of kit already packed)

bike: 58.3 miles, was only more because had to get to destination

T2: tent up...couple of biscuits, loo break and dropping off rest of kit...shoe change

run: 4.5 laps of 3 mile circuit (once again roughly 3 miles)

final time in the region of 11 ish hours, not world record breaking but it was a bit of a trial run. in fact if it was the first ever running of such a (one man) race then it was a world record breaking effort... i'll leave that up to others opinions.

anyway if you're off on a cycle tour and have a large area of water spare give it a try, makes the wine and cheese in the evening taste even better.
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