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Back on the road

boomclarenby boomclarenApr 21st 2009
I feel i've been a bit unlucky lately, firstly my knee went through a bit of a dodgy period, then the damned tendonitis flared up which put me out of action for a good few weeks...finally over that and i got a little groin strain on sunday afternoon playing touch rugby...

anyway it seems to be turning a corner as i just went out for a little 8 miler on this lovely day to loosen the legs and shake out the cobwebs and it felt really good.

i didn't have a plan of how fast i wanted to go or any specific goals for the run, but you know when it just feels good and you really enjoy the run (wind at your back sun in your face and all that) and if you didn't have to be back to get some work done you feel you could run all night.... anyway it felt like that.

so hopefully i'll go for a little 5 miles tomorrow morning to kick start my morning running plan to build up on the mileage.

4 weeks til 1/2 marathon
6 weeks til edinburgh marathon

then my tri training will go into overdrive (work allowing)
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