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been a while again

boomclarenby boomclarenJun 21st 2009
so the marathon....1st marathon and i did 3:20:26 which i was pretty happy about, was aiming for 3:15 but it was scorching in edinburgh with no wind to speak of so i was happy with my time...some douche-bags stole over 20,000 bottles of water and several thousand gel shots on the morning of the race and that did show itself as there were fewer water stations than planned...nevermind.

anyway following the marathon i gave myself a hefty dose of shin-splints so had to take it easy for a few days, then as i was feeling better my exams came around and then i went to bulgaria for a week for a little R+R. too many excuses really so had a little break from training, not very pleased with myself really.

now i'm back in bristol and got back on the saddle so as to speak. went for some interval running training as i'm trying to improve my short distance speed, classically rolled my ankle up on the downs. then yesterday 3 mates and i did a little race to mbath on the cycle path, got there in 37 mins which was pleased about...spotted a very smooth looking bike passing me on my right, then noticed a little ironman tattoo on the calf, so decided to test myself and stick with him...only lasted about a few kilometers, think i pissed him off a wee bit as he shot off into the distance when i overtook him (hoping to give him a little windbreak).

woke up this morning to do the "Biggest Bristol Bike Ride" thought it was going to be a little tootle around the city so didn't wear any proper kit and took my 1/2 tonne town bike, the 38 mile cycle to clevedon and back gave my legs something to think about, mind you really looking forward to getting back on my racer...
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