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been a while

boomclarenby boomclarenMay 14th 2009
been quite a few days since i last posted, no real reason for that.

tapering down my running now, got the swift half marathon on saturday, hoping for under 1.5 hours, but really i'm going to chill out a fair bit as i've got my first official marathon on the 31st may, edinburgh.

really looking forward to it, hoping for a time close to 3 hours which could be quite ambitious but one can dream. then once the marathon is done i'm going to really hit the pool, i've really let my swimming slip since concentrating more on the longer running distances so have to whip myself into shape again.

got lots of work on at the moment, exams and all that jazz too, would be on the wards seeing patients but it's their "protected meal time" so i figured that instead of learning in the library i'd get up to date here...probably not the best use of my time.

light 6 miler later, loosen up the legs.

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