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Bristol Tri Bike Route

boomclarenby boomclarenJul 23rd 2009
Yesterday, after spending a super fun day in the university library, i had to get out of the house. So decided i'd be useful and check out the bristol tri bike route for sunday.

looked it up on the wonderful and set off...for some reason i chose my fixie. stupid call.

having nearly got run over by several angry white vans on the way out to Tockington then set off on the course. My Garmin decided to have a day off work and kept freezing so i have no data on the ride, but hills on a fixie are unsurprisingly painful. But you definitely get all the tension shaken out of your legs on the other side (i didn't realise my legs would go round that fast). Finished the course and would've liked to freewheel down some of the hills home, but the workout legs nearly fell off when i got home.

it's a good course though. starts with a hill that looks threatening but will be great to attack on, i've got some confidence to go up it fast seeing as i did it on a fixie yesterday, and after that it's generally downhill with lots of straight sections, looking forward to Tri number 2
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