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Bristol Tri

boomclarenby boomclarenJul 26th 2009
I've realised lately that when i do a blog entry i write a small i'll keep it brief.

bristol tri was good, the swim was better than expected, the bike started off well til i fell at about 40km/hour, ouch, knocked my chain off and brakes were all out of the brake lever was jammed down with mud and injuries though other than a scratch and bruise or 2, got back into rhythm ok and finished the bike ok. run went well too, no idea of my time.

still having problems gauging my effort, again finished knowing there was more in the tank...think i need to bosh the bike a bit more.

anyway it was really well organised and a good day, even got back in time to watch the grand-prix and the tour de france's been a good day
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