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Brutal ride

boomclarenby boomclarenNov 22nd 2009
Brutal ride
So down to devon for saturday night ad decided to get a long cycle in and head down there. Google maps said 65 miles so i thought "why not? i can be all virtuous and thoroughly deserve a beer when I arrive."

first 45 mins leaving bristol was nice, cool weather + little wind, then 15 miles I was a little more exposed...those aggressive winds that the south-west has been getting (up to 60 miles/hour in places) decided to pick up and for the rest of the ride (no exaggerating here) they did not let up, add to that the driving rain. It felt like the remaining 45/50 miles were perpetually uphill.

I cursed the weather gods out loud on numerous occasions. Character building some might say.

Saw the sign saying "welcome to Devon" but I still had 20 or so more miles to go, then the road from hell arrived, soul-destroyingly staight on an exposed ridge after a 1000ft climb.

To cut an already long story short, I was wet and cold and trying not to whinge when some moron in his car decided to politely overtake through a huge area of standing water on the road and doused me in a large wave of muddy rain water. All enjoyment left me then and I tried in vain to catch up to him (I'm presuming it was a man, girls are much nicer) to wreak some form of revenge. I got to within a mile of my friends house when I realised I had absolutely no idea how to find her place (she lives in the middle of nowhere) also the shivering-whilst-riding was getting a wee bit wobbly and dangerous so I made the phone call "Umm I'm standing on a road, not sure where, it's the main road nearish you house, can you drive along it and find me?" my saviour came with a warm towel, turns out I was pretty much within a stones throw of her house.

Looking back it was a really "fun" ride, hated bits of it but I'm planning on getting a few mates together to do it in the summer without a perpetual headwind, if I could just straighten things out with those weather-gods.
Christopherholeby member: Christopherhole, Nov 22nd 2009 21:50
I'm with you on cursing the weather gods, it was the same cycling through Scotland 60mph winds Driving rain and car driver soaking me with water.
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