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cycle with maxie

boomclarenby boomclarenApr 13th 2009
took maxie my little brother out for a ride, he's not so fast but then i had a look at his seat and it was sooooo low no wonder he was struggling, so i put it up for him and he found it much easier.

it wasn't a long ride but a relaxed one that i needed after i had a rugby 7's tournament yesterday. it's a team of old friends, and not everyone has kept themselves in the best of shape, so a few of us ended up playing every minute of every game and if you've ever played rugby 7's before you'll know full well that it takes its toll on your limbs, i woke up this morning feeling that i had lead for legs so a nice casual cycle was what i needed to work out the stiffness in my legs.

looking forward to another long cycle tomorrow and then back up to bristol and back to uni for more running and then back up to gloucester and back into the hospital...
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