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hello again

boomclarenby boomclarenFeb 16th 2010
Finally back to training, it's a relief to put a lot of stuff behind me. I've barely trained for the last 2 to 3 weeks, some fairly large obstacles were in the way. firstly i had fairly heavy exams, the kind i have to pass if i want to continue becoming a doctor, so obviously they took up a lot of my time. secondly was the end of my longterm relationship, to go from pretty much living together to nothing was a big hit, normally i'd have run to clear my mind but instead put all the extra time into work. finally and most disruptively was the death of a very close family member, so funeral organising and eulogy preparation took the rest of what little time was there, the funeral was yesterday so it's good to put a line under everything...

anyway excuses over, went for a run this evening, 9 miles 1 hour, so good to get out, i've really missed it, but really time to step up a gear, i haven't been in the pool for 2 weeks i've probably forgotten how to swim.

sorry this has been a bit of a whinge, i'm not normally a grumpy bastard, one good thing from all this is when you realise how much you love just to get out there and run, gives you fresh impetus when training may be getting a little sterile.
prhimby member: prhim, Feb 17th 2010 09:25
Know exactly what you mean. Sometimes external factors can provide motivation in the most unexpected ways! Hope the exams went well.
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