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Horse trials

boomclarenby boomclarenSep 23rd 2009
Ah, now Yeovil (hope i'm not insulting anyone here) is not the most exciting of places, seeing as i spend most of the time in the hospital... i think the highlight of my first week here was a trip to tesco. I also don't have my bike down here yet, hopefully by next week i'll have my bike and a turbo trainer to make the evenings a little different.

but the nearby park has a horse trials/jumping course. i have never been into horses, and probably never will be, but a huge area with hills, woodland areas and fields that is also full of various different sized horse jumps, is absolutely wicked for interesting training runs, the other day i did another fartlek session, with sprints, hill sprints, horse jumps, off-road running, aaaah it's brilliant. in fact just about to head out now for a "canter" around.

i am quite looking forward to getting back to bristol and back in the pool, does anyone know if it's back in use yet?
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