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I am now a Triathlete

boomclarenby boomclarenJul 19th 2009
Feels good to say that, race went well too...

got to the Bath "Sports training village" (ridiculous name) far far far too early, a few hours early even, not being sure how setting up the transition area goes i decided to play it safe, got there and was set up within 20 mins (lost count of how many times i checked, re-checked, and checked again, also running through the transition routine in my head over and over again) and that left 2 and a bit hours to get the butterflies in the stomach.

anyway, got ready and checked over my goggles (which were perfect 2 days ago) only to find the rubber around the lens to be torn, fortunately i found this out about an hour before getting in the water so that left me enough time to be pissed off with it and then clear my head and think "well i'm not that good at swimming anyway and i'm pretty sure i can swim with just one eye"...

hopped into the water and as i thought my left eye became instantly submerged. i was 3rd off in my lane with a no-show in front of me so when the whistle went i flew off onto the tail of the bloke who was first off (basically went off far too fast) and caught him by the second turn, didn't really want him to let me passed as i had no idea of my pace, anyway got out of the pool in my aimed time of 14 mins and into T1.

T1 was good, no hiccups, but while i'd been swimming the heavens had politely opened once more. The bike leg felt awesome, yes it was nicely hilly and soaking wet, but my legs didn't fell anything, attacked on the hills as i'd planned and started picking people off, didn't get caught by anyone and went into T2 feeling strong...first mistake, i was so concerned about keeping my helmet on til the bike was racked that i forgot to take it off entirely and was stopped at the exit so i had to run back and pop it down.

The run was ok too, not a great fan of off-road running but it went well, again i wasn't overtaken at all and seemed to overtake quite a few people. Finished in 20 mins which was good. had a nice hot coffee, quick shower and then found the race timing machine which if it's to be trusted told me i came 5th in my category which was a little bit of a shock...

i think i'll check the website later to be sure, but who cares i can call myself a triathlete now.
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