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Just a nice sometimes not consistently updated view of my running cycling and (fingers crossed) swimming

i went swimming

boomclarenby boomclarenApr 2nd 2010
finally back in the pool, actually quite surprised that i hadn't lost too much...i think that's more down to the fact that there wasn't much to lose in the first place. in terms of distances i can quite comfortably cover 2km (which in the pool is ludicrously boring) but i know that i am very very very inefficient, i'm hoping that just spending more time in the pool will improve that or make me forget about it. so in conclusion a little happier with the fact that i got back in the pool.

cycling-wise it's been mostly on the trainer, had football matches every saturday so haven't been able to go on the club rides which is a shame because i really enjoy finding new routes, i've decided to kick football in the teeth to free up my saturdays so i can ride more. on the trainer though i find the time flies by so much faster if i watch cycling footage on the internet, makes it so much easier to slog your guts out if you can see someone flying up mont ventoux.

running, treated myself to a new pair of race shoes...they're so pretty (not that it matters), took them out for an 8-miler yesterday and my feet felt so light, other than that just been ticking over the miles, a fair bit of running to-and-from hospital, on a semi taper as have the taunton marathon on the 11th april, just going to plod around that hopefully at my intended ironman pace ~7:50 min/mile.

i've been doing a fair bit of gym work to build up my core and for...vanity. i'm slowly turning into a rake so need a bit of bulk. bumped into a friend who was doing the same weights as i was planning...slight problem in the fact that he's 1/2 a foot taller than me and much much stronger, being male the competitive nature kicked in and as a result i nearly snapped my spine and have been walking like a 90 year old for the last few i really shouldn't be so stupid and risk injury, with less than 20 weeks til ironman really don't want an injury.

happy training.
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