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longish ride tomorrow

boomclarenby boomclarenNov 20th 2009
Looking forward to the weekend, had a long week at a new placement in the obstetrics and gynaecology department in Bristol and been training when I can, morning runs and evening turbo sessions, really trying hard to keep sliding in a few strength and speed sessions rather than just piling on the miles.

I think I may be pushing a bit hard already for my ironman (9 months away) but I'm finding it hard to hold back when I do find the time to train. Got given some great advice from IMnadine (thanks by the way) on where I should aim my training, Finally the uni swimming pool is re-filled and felt good to be back in the water, lots of work to do there.

Housemates and I are heading down to devon for a weekend away from bristol so seeing as i'm missing the BADtri group ride I'm going to cycle down into devon ) about 70 miles to her house) but I have a slight feeling that the weather may make it a slightly less than comfortable ride.

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